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Calamity Diane by Koofins
Calamity Diane
Was it for redemption? 
Was it for revenge? 
Was it for the bottle? 
Was it for the ledge? 
Was it for the thrill of pushing my hope to the edge?
-Dorothy, Gun In My Hand

So a long time ago I once wrote this story about Pinkie Pie becoming a single mom and going to the ends of Equestria to hunt down her baby daddy. might be coming back with avengeance.

Or it might not be. :D I just needed to see older, hardened western-themed Pinkie Pie like I need air.

The story originally was going to lead to Pinkie buying property and starting a farm out in the country somewhere, leaving Ponyville after she drifted apart from her friends due to their distaste for the mistake that lead to the birth of her foal. But before that, she finds the stallion who knocked her up in the first place, and knocks a few of his teeth out for leaving her high and dry and a single mom. :D The two reconciled, but Pinkie didn't expect him to join her in raising their kid. She just felt it was her responsibility to let the crook know he was a daddy, and heads off to buy her farm.

I imagine that during her search for the baby daddy, she searched all the western towns of Equestria, and couldn't quite shake some of the quirks she picked up along the way.

She also got a scar that accentuates her smile and also makes her look like the boss ass bitch she is. :D

Pinkie Pie is (c) to Hasbro
Calamity Diane design, art, and story (c) to myself
Wish Babies by Koofins
Wish Babies
You do not have permission to use the artwork or style as your own unless you ask and I have given you my express permission first! This includes referencing, tracing, or redistributing!

The first three kids:  Due to the instability of their magic and their near-constant close contact with one another, pockets of magic would collect around them, undetected by both until they formed lives of their own. They would eventually become too full, and 'release.'

Name: Liadan
Name Meaning: “gray lady ” (Celtic)
Nickname: Lia, Dani, Lee, Lady
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Species: Robach-Allus Kuros
Role: Chaotic Neutral
Relationships: Magical byproduct of Djinn and The Lost Queen. Sibling to Tynan, Diancecht . 
Nationality: Kurosian
Homeworld: Kurosia
Element: Magic/Dark

Personality: Clever, manipulative, eccentric, mischievous.
Bio: Liadan is the first 'magical byproduct' given life due to the close relationship between Djinn and The Lost Queen. The first to come into being was Liadan, a 'dog-eared' Allus. Like her siblings, Liadan was already in her late childhood developmental stage, and showed signs of magical abilities. Liadan, Tynan and Diancecht were raised not long after Djinn was 'cured' by both their 'mothers,' and the staff in Kurosia's castle. Liadan's personality and regal bearing has been accredited to Djinn's time spent with The Lost Queen's daughter, Hysteria.
Name: Diancecht
Name Meaning: "God of healing, magic, medicine and regeneration"
Nickname: Dia, Seahorse
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Species: Genie/Kuros Hybrid
Role: Neutral
Relationships: Magical byproduct of Djinn and The Lost Queen. Sibling to Liadan, Tynan. 
Nationality: Kurosian
Homeworld: Kurosia
Element: Magic/Dark

Personality: Highly intelligent, calm, mysterious, sarcastic.
Bio: Diancecht was the second byproduct to manifest his own life, and is arguably the most confusing of the three. When he appeared, he had the anatomy of a seahorse, with a short, stubby tail and tiny wings. But that quickly changed. Diancecht grew quickly, his body still keeping it's seahorse-like shape, though it lengthened and straightened considerably. His wings were the most drastic change, growing to the widest wingspan out of all three of his siblings. Diancecht is hypothesized to be the most proficient in magic ability, though the full extent of his powers are yet unknown. Like his siblings, he is being raised in Kurosia, though he is often hiding and it's rare any but his mothers see him.
Name: Tynan
Name Meaning: "dark" (Celtic)
Nickname: Ty, Tiny
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Species: Kurosian Hellhound/Genie Hybrid
Role: Chaotic Neutral
Relationships: Magical byproduct of Djinn and The Lost Queen. Sibling to Liadan, Diancecht. 
Nationality: Kurosian
Homeworld: Kurosia
Element: Magic/Dark

Personality: Proud, passionate, mischievous, loyal.
Bio: Tynan is the youngest of the trio, and it showed from day one. Tynan was the clingiest, refusing to leave Djinn's and/or The Lost Queen's presence for very long and was very 'puppy-like' in behavior. He grew out of it over a few years, taking after Havok, The Lost Queen's son. This begins to show his true personality, revealing that Tynan is quite a spit-fire and trouble maker. Though he isn't allowed to go out into battle yet, he often follows Havok around the castle in the hopes that they can go 'hunting creepy-crawlers.'

Name: Kostya
Name Meaning: "steadfast" (Russian)
Nickname: Kos, Kosty, Wolf-Boy
Skylander Moniker: Count Wulfram
Gender: Male
Age: 14 (pictured)
Species: Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid
Role: Lawful Evil; Skylands Villain
Relationships: Resurrected son of Night Shift (via Djinn). Semi-magical byproduct of Djinn. 
Nationality: Skylander
Homeworld: Batcrypt Island
Element: Undead

Personality: Arrogant, passionate, devious, calculating.
Bio: Kostya's birth is steeped in mystery. Rumor has it that hundreds of years before he began competitive boxing, Night Shift (Lord Nikolai Vãduvã the Third) was a family man. The marriage to his late-wife was hidden from his rich parents, but not hidden well enough. Eventually, the happy family was discovered; Nikolai was torn from his family home while his father's lackeys set the house ablaze. His wife and unborn child with them. After his blood-feud with Djinn was settled many years in the future, rumors began circulating that Night Shift was taking time away from his Skyland Hero duties and seen training a young boy that looked strikingly similar to him. For a time, Night Shift seemed to get back part of what he'd lost. But the happiness was short lived, as Kostya defected and became a villain in his teens. Djinn had warned Night Shift that there might be 'unforeseen consequences to raising the dead.' It is rumored that he is trying to find away to join Kaos's forces, though as of now he's a solo villain, and an unofficial one at that. (NOT REBORN AT THE CURRENT TIME OF THE STORY.)

Give 'Em the ol' One Two!: Channeling his father's proud teaching, Kostya takes a boxer's stance and strikes down his foes.
Cheap Shot: Upgrade to 'Give 'Em the ol' One Two,' Kostya resorts to below the belt tactics and hits his foes where it hurts the most.
Proud Howl: Lets out an ear splitting howl that dazes nearby enemies, and terrifies those further away from him. Beware the howl!
Bite of the Wolf: Using his long fangs and strong jaw, Kostya savagely bites his enemies and drains their life-force.
Name: Zyana
Name Meaning: "always; forever" (Zahuatl)
Nickname: Zee, Anya, Annie
Gender: Female
Age: 12 (pictured)
SpeciesRattlesnake/Cosmic Genie Hybrid (Feathered Serpent)
Relationships: Daughter of John Marscale, Djinn. Quasi-sibling to Kostya. Sister of REDACTED
Nationality: Skylander
Homeworld: Cloudbreak Island
Element: Air

Personality: Brave, loyal, intelligent, kind.
Bio: Zyana is the future oldest child of Djinn and John Marscale (AKA Rattle Shake), so little is known about her yet. ;)

These are just SOME of the kids that will play an important role in my Skylanders blog, Skylander Wishes. ;) There are more to come! As of right now, the first three KIND of exist, only I haven't ever officially drawn them/accepted answers or questions for them. The second two are currently not open for questions, until their reveal on the blog. But thought you folks might like to see them, regardless.

Bit of trivia, originally Kostya was Djinn and Night Shift's kid. Night Shift has no romantic feelings for Djinn, but he DID need an heir to his fortune, so asked Djinn if she could just poof him up a child. Thus, Kostya was born! But after thinking about it, I felt that Kostya needed something...bigger than that. Both Kostya and Zyana have existed for months now, if not an entire year; it's just been until now that I felt like I should show them off.

Another bit of trivia, the first three kiddos up top were actually a joke. lemmingluv made them when the WeirdHyena +Koofins ship first popped up, LITTLE DID SHE KNOW that all of Djinn's kids are actually canon if my friends draw them. NO EXCEPTIONS. >8U So the original designs for the three up top were made by lemmingluv !!!! GO GIVE MY LEMBAB SOME LOVE. :heart:

Art and characters (c) to me
Various Skylands themes (c) to Activision

Please don't make this an issue with your ships. :D (Big Grin) You can have yours, I can have mine. I don't come and tell you I don't like your ships, because I like everybody's ships! So don't leave hate or negativity in my comments, or I will block you! c:

You do not have permission to use the artwork or style as your own unless you ask and I have given you my express permission first! This includes referencing, tracing, or redistributing!

Love Me Like You Do by Koofins
Love Me Like You Do

You do not have permission to use the artwork or style as your own unless you ask and I have given you my express permission first! This includes referencing, tracing, or redistributing!

You're the fear, I don't care
Cause I've never been so high
Follow me to the dark
Let me take you past our satellites
You can see the world you brought to life, to life

-Love Me Like You Do, Ellie Goulding


The castle was abuzz with activity, and in the tumult, Djinn managed to slink away from its hub. Her mind was in a whirl of sensations and emotion, and eventually it became too much.

A small alcove in the castle was as good a place as any. She stood in the shadows for a time, listening to the distant murmur from the makeshift egg chamber, and the even further whispering of the spirits. They were not pleased by recent events disturbing their unrest, and would likely be causing a fuss for some time.

A hefty sigh escaped her. Despite the Mistress’s delight over Cynder’s and Pop Thorn’s children, she couldn't shake off the weight in her chest. The longing and ache lingered, making it nearly impossible to think about how happy she was alongside the Mistress. And the impending departure of the Skylanders came ever closer, bringing the loss of her dear friend.

Her ‘friend?’ Djinn grimaced, her heart pounding in a hard, quick best at the thought. John, her friend? Impossible. Highly unlikely, at best. He was only out for information on his ancestors through the Mistress, after all. The time they'd spent together had merely been a ruse to bring her in closer to get what he needed, and some kind of ego trip to prove to the others that he could…

Could what, exactly? Make her blush? Make her think he was her friend? Make her fall in lo—

The sound of the chamber door opening and closing stopped her thoughts with a screeching halt. Djinn didn’t need to look up to know it was him; she could feel him, hear the drag of his scales on the stone and carpet, smell the faint scent unique wholly to him.

When he found her, he stopped. Standing just out of reach, watching her. Clearly waiting for her to look up. She didn’t, for the longest time. And still he waited. Finally he spoke, his voice low, as though he were afraid they might be disturbed or overheard.

"You seem…lost in thought," he said cautiously. "I do not wish to disturb you, but…there is much I think we must discuss."

"You’ll find it hard to disturb me, John," she answered, with a soft sigh. She snapped her fingers, conjuring a bench, and sat on its far end with her tail draped over her knees. When he hesitated, Djinn finally looked up at him. For the first time since she’d returned to the castle, in fact. And was struck by how tired and desolate he looked. Alarm shot through her, and she stood up, frowning deeply as she closed the distance between them and pulled him to the bench. She sat down where and as she’d been, watching him closely. "You are not well."

"It is that obvious?" He asked, taking his hat off and looking down into its trough. "Hn. And here I thought Nikolai was only teasing me still." John tapped his fingers on the bill of his hat before he placed it on the bench between them, and turned his eyes toward the ceiling. "I have not been sleeping well. The spirits are quite loud here."

"What was left of the entire race died here," she said, "I am not surprised they are disturbed by so many guests."

"It is not only the ghosts that keep me up," he said. The words hung in the air between them, thick and heady in a terrifying way. Djinn looked away from him with growing dread, coiling her tail tight around her legs as if to shield herself for when the weight dropped. “Why can't you see dawn or dusk here?”

“The Veil,” she answered simply, her brow furrowed in confusion. “Why?”

“How many...days, have we been here?”

“Six.” Djinn glanced up thoughtfully. “Seven, in another two hours. Why?”

“So....that's six sunsets we've missed.” She looked round at him sharply, her ears snapping forward. Clearly, she hadn't heard him correctly. She was hearing things. When he looked at her, his eyes held enough sadness that it clung to her, weighing heavy on her chest and clawing at her gut from the inside. “Six sunsets that I have laid awake during, wondering when the sun would dip under the horizon, and I could see it's reflection in your eyes.” A heavy sigh left him, and she could smell the faint aroma on his breath from one of the Mistress's bottles of wine. “Damn. That sounded better in my head.”

“That is often the case when a mortal has had too much to drink,” she said, curling her lip at him. “And why should it matter so much to you to watch the sunset reflected in my eyes, hm?”

“I've never thought the sunset was something beautiful to watch, until the first time I watched you staring in awe of it,” he said, glancing at her with a mournful expression. It didn't falter even under her hard stare, and Djinn felt her heart kick violently in her chest; perhaps he had meant all of this. Perhaps his feelings WERE earnest. were only interested in your ancestors,” she said suddenly, awkwardly. John winced, and she felt awash in guilt in an instant. She ground her teeth in barely hidden anguish, balling her hands into fists at her sides. “I am sorry, John. If I led you on...if I made you think there could be....something. But you used me. I cannot let that go.

“Queen Feuriah uses you all the time.

That is DIFFERENT,” Djinn snapped, surging to her feet and glaring at him. John rose up just as quickly, his blue eyes snapping with life and fire; he wasn't drunk at all. He was sober, and fully prepared to give her a tongue lashing that only a sober and frustrated man could give. As it was, she already felt the sting of the first strike. “The Queen needs me. Her family needs me.”

What if I need you?”


In the distance, one might have heard the cries of elation as three eggs hatched, almost in unison. One might have heard the Queen sobbing with joy, a young father shouting as if to shake the very mountains surrounding them. A new mother singing to her children.

But in this hallway, it fell on deaf ears. The chorus of joy and new life went unappreciated, as the two stared one each other down, listening only to the sound of their own breathing and the thunderous pounding of their hearts.

What if I need you, Jinnie?” he said, his voice shaking. Djinn flattened her ears, hoping she wouldn't hear him; but damn him, he was all she could hear. “I do not want you near me to use your powers to my own benefit or settle an old grudge. I do not care to know about how my grandfather died. You are a mammal, and I should not even want you beyond a quick tryst just to see how you might taste or feel on me. But I need to know. And I want to. I do not care about anything, so long as you're here, and I can be yours.

Her whole body shook from the effort it took not to speak; I want you. I need you. I have needed you since I woke up on those islands. Your happiness and affection are all I have ever wanted since I came to be. I need you. But she couldn't. She was needed here. She would always be needed here. After healing herself, she realized how desperately Feuriah needed her around to help The Mistress heal. She should not want John, or need him, or anything from him.

She had to stop this. Kill it before it began. Djinn turned from him, having to wrench her gaze away from his, and shut her eyes tight against the pain that bloomed in her chest. Something snatched her right wrist, pulling her arm taught and making her stumble with the momentum. Broad palms turned her until she was facing him again, and she felt the rough drag of his scales as he wrapped the last third of his tail around her clavicle and pushed against the back of her head.

He was kissing her. John was kissing her.

As best as a snake could, anyway. His attempt was tentative, his mouth obviously not used to the motions. Djinn opened her mouth to suck in a surprised breath and he leaned forward, tongue darting in and stroking against hers. Calloused hands held her to him with one pinning her own hand to his chest and the other around her waist. Heat rose to her hide, and as she watched him a blush rose to his angular cheekbones.

Without warning, all at once, something in her...snapped. The ancient weight that had kept passion and intimacy something alien and foreign from her lifted and released. And she was completely, utterly at it's mercy.

A sound she was not aware she was capable of uttering escaped her, and she tangled herself up in him, pressing back against John with her body and mouth. As something that burned and coiled tighter and tighter, until she was unable to contain it. Then she groaned again, and the snake in her arms let out a small grunt of surprise, fingers grasping and darting in a nervous flutter as he tried to catch up with her. Fingers twisted into Djinn's hair near the base of her skull, pulling her scalp tight enough that it forced a pleased growl from her throat. The release of pent up attraction and longing left them both breathless. When they finally pulled away from one another, it left both of them slightly bruised as well, lips alive with feeling.

“Hm,” Djinn said thoughtfully, licking her chops. John's eyes popped open, pupils flaring even wider as they tracked the motion of her green tongue sliding along her gums and teeth. “Delightful.”

“You're bleeding,” he swore after a pause, and attempted to push her away. “Dammit, this is why snakes don't do this at all.”

“You should try it more often,” she said with a dark, mischievous chuckle, all while refusing to let him out of her grasp. She licked the column of his throat, making him shiver and urging a pleased hum from her. “The poison tastes quite good. And besides that, I can't die from it. There's only one thing that can kill me, and rattlesnake poison is not that one thing.”

“I see,” John said softly. His tail had since unraveled itself from her throat, but now found its way around her waist, and jerked her into his arms again. “I hope it's really as good as you say it is. If I have my way, you will taste it much more frequently.”

“There is much to be discussed about this, but later,” she said, planting a finger gently on the flat front of his muzzle. “First, we should check on Cynder and Pop Thorn's children. Don't you think?”

Madre de Dios, the eggs!” If a snake could turn pale, John was white as a sheet. Djinn laughed as he untangled himself from around her and turned to stare in the direction of the chamber with an expression that could only be a cross between embarrassment and horror. “How didn't I hear anything from here...?”

“We're good at distracting each other,” she said with a broad grin. “But I'm sure the others will forgive us.”

And they had, just as Djinn predicted. But the look Feuriah gave her, the knowing, smug waggling of her brow ridges told her that she was far from done with this John business yet. Feuriah would drag her kicking and screaming back into the thick of it, if need be.

Truth be told, Djinn wouldn't mind.


FINALLY. It's about damn time these two had sloppy makeouts, AMIRITE?

This has been a long time coming. Djinn and John's relationship at this point has tentatively started; this contains slight spoilers for the status of my Skylanderwishes blog, but only slightly. Mostly just spoilers to how these two get together. But DAMN is it awesome how they do get together.
Rattle Shake and Skylanders are (c) to Activision
Art, Djinn, and Rattle Shake style (c) to me
Weirdlander themes and characters (c) to WeirdHyena 

Please don't make this an issue with your ships. :D You can have yours, I can have mine. I don't come and tell you I don't like your ships, because I like everybody's ships! So don't leave hate or negativity in my comments, or I will block you! c:

You do not have permission to use the artwork or style as your own unless you ask and I have given you my express permission first! This includes referencing, tracing, or redistributing!
Ever had a question for one of my characters in my gallery? Go ahead and ask them here! Simply put the name of the character before the question, like so:

Koof: Why are you such a dumb?

And then I'll answer! (B, that is my final answer. Wait can I call someone? Shit.)
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