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Silver Sisterhood Prologue: The Walk Home by Koofins
Silver Sisterhood Prologue: The Walk Home
A weary sigh escaped the young colt as he left the schoolyard, the shouts and peals of other foals becoming softer and softer as he went. The path was worn down by countless generations making this same trek to and from school, not quite a dirt path or one overgrown with grass and bearing the tiny hoofprints from the trip to school. Around him was a steady ebb and flow of mares and stallions picking up their children, walking to and from the school as he put distance between himself and the red brick building.

Red Pippin's young body felt heavier than it had been in all of his young life. His hooves were dragging, his head hung low, and if it were any longer, his tail would be trailing in the dirt behind him. Even his ears were hanging limply from his skull, as he kept his eyes trained on the path in front of him.

"Piii~IIIIIIII~pah!!!" an excited, youthful voice broke the silence around Red somewhere behind him. A soft groan of exasperation and fatigue passed him, and he paused, awaiting his friend as the other foal caught up to him. "Pip-iiin, why didn't you wait for me?! We were gonna walk home together, remember?"

"Sorry," Red mumbled under his breath, glancing at Passion Fruit as she took up her signature hopping gait to his right. The two walked for some time in silence, leaving the bulk of Ponyville's populace behind them, when Passion poked his side with a forehoof. He twisted away from her in surprise and stopped in the middle of the path, shooting her a glare. "Quiddit!"

"Not until you stop frowning!" she said, trotting to stand in front of him. She planted her hindquarters in the dirt and began poking him again, despite his mumbled protests. Finally, with a pouty huff, she planted her hooves on either side of his face, and forced his mouth into a smile. "Smiiiile, seeee? That wasn't so hard, was it?"

He continued staring at her, frustration and weariness plain on all of his features, and eventually she released him with a disappointed sigh. Her ears fell in the mess of her pink and red mane, bottom lip quivering as she pulled a nearly comical pout.

"C'mon, Pip, what's wrong?" she asked, and tilted her head at him. Red grumbled under his breath and turned away from her, not quite sure how to put his feelings into words. Passion slid forward on her belly until she was lying under his field of vision, rolling onto her back to stare up at him expectantly. "You can tell me! C'moooon, I'm your friend, remember? We can tell each other anything! Riiiight?"


"And we can trust each other, no matter what! Riiiight?"

"Guess so...."

"Then you can tell me what's eating you! Riiiight?"

"Ugh," Red finally relented, tossing his head back in frustration. "I'm mad because of the way the other foals was playin'-"

"Were playing."

"...ugh, fine, were playing durin' recess!"

"Were those silly heads teasing you, Pip?" Passion asked, her tone surprisingly sober and serious. Red gaped at her for a moment and snorted, shaking his head emphatically.

"No, not my recess! Your recess!" he explained hotly. Passion sat up and stared at him in confusion, head tilted to one side. "I was watchin' through the window while you were at recess. Teacher had a window open, to let some fresh air in, so I could hear 'em too...callin' you half-born, freak, an reta-"

"Shhh-shshshtshhh!!" Passion Fruit cut Red off, planting a hoof over his muzzle firmly and cutting him off mid-word. She glanced around suspiciously before glowering up at him, in an expression that reminded him a little too much like his mother when he got into trouble. "We're not supposed to say that word, remember?"

"But, they were callin' you that!"

"Just because they were saying mean things, doesn't mean you need to repeat mean things," Passion said, sticking her muzzle up into the air imperiously. "And besides...they were just playing, right? They didn't mean it."

"...Pash, they were bullyin' you," Red said firmly. Passion's posture loosened some, and Red felt a stab of guilt to the side. "M'sorry, but that's what it was."

"W-well, I mean...maybe not," Passion said, scratching one foreleg nervously. "Aunt Jackie says that some foals are real rough when they play."

"Not that rough," Red said, pointing at her right flank. Passion looked at the spot over her ribcage which was beginning to bloom into a nasty bruise, roughly the size and shape of a young foal's hoofprint. Passion huffed and gingerly rubbed at the spot just below her right wing, or where a right wing should have been.

"Well...even if it was bullying, which it could have not been," Passion said, "we can't let it ruin our day. There's still the whole afternoon to play and stuff! And we're gonna be meeting Lead, Mythic and the others f--"

"I don't wanna play with them anymore," Red said. He glared at the path under his hooves as silence stretched between them. "They don't stand up for you anymore. Don't like playin' with them anymore."

"W-well...okay, we don't have to play with them today," Passion said uncertainly. She sighed before she bumped him playfully with her shoulder, and leapt away from him as he glanced up, still glowering. "C'mon, I'll race ya!"

With a sigh, Red Pippin let her gain the lead, before he took off after her. Leaving the bad feelings behind him, and hoping that he and Passion could find something fun to do to keep his mind off how badly his best friend had been treated.

A glance into the dynamic of Red/Pip and Passion before things got bleh.

Leading Light is Twilight Sparkle's son, and Mythic Sky is Rainbow Dash's. The 'others' Passion brings up are the rest of the Element's kids. (Names are subject to change of course.)

Art and designs (c) to me
The Silver Sisterhood: Red Pippin by Koofins
The Silver Sisterhood: Red Pippin
Name: Red Pippin

Nickname(s): Red, Freckles, Pip (via Passion Fruit ONLY)

Parents: Applejack, Unknown Stallion

Age: 20-24 (from beginning to end of story)

Personality: Stoic, kind, stubborn, brave. Well spoken and can surprise others with his sharp wit and even sharper tongue.

Talent: Has the strength of ten Earth ponies, and has the Apple Family 'green hoof.' (I.E., he can tell when any crop is in season, knows how to harvest it and how to plant anything.) Apple bucking.

Short Bio: Red Pippin was born a year before the rest of the Elements of Harmony began to have their foals, due to his mother being a little older than the others. He inherited the larger, draft horse frame from his mother's side of the family, which showed from an early age, leaving Red to learn how to watch his strength closely. He became known as a gentle giant among the Elements of Harmony's children, and something of the leader figure due to his one year's seniority over them. He and Passion Fruit weren't particularly close, up until the point that they all became of foalschool age. Bullies began ganging up on Passion Fruit, and after a while, only Red would stick up for Passion. They became very close and fast friends after that, though Red was quick to let the rest of the children of the Elements of Harmony know his disappointment in them. At that point they became estranged, and went about growing up and living their own lives. Red worked hard on the Apple Family Acres just as the rest of his family had, and grew up to become a large, powerful stallion who's strength knew hardly any equal. He couldn't imagine a more perfect life, until his best friend came to him with an idea: Passion Fruit wanted to form a gypsy caravan, and leave Ponyville to travel all of Equestria. With his protective side in full gear, Red was quick to join them, and left his farming life behind him to stay by Passion's side and keep her safe.


Applejack: Red's mother is a hard worker, like all the Apples before her. She knows the only life for her is on Apple Acres, and firmly believes that is the life for her son as well. Up until he announced he was going to leave, Applejack and her son were close. After that, however, Applejack all but disowned her son, telling him that he'd have to fight hard to be welcomed back into her life with open arms. In all honesty, however, she will welcome him back gladly, as their time apart makes her realize that she had forced him to live her way of life without giving a second's consideration for what he wanted. Though she is too stubborn to admit it, eventually the two begin to write letters back and forth over the years, and rebuild their relationship.

Red's Father: The circumstances of Red's birth and his conception are a mystery to the young stallion, and he'd prefer to keep it that way. All Applejack ever told him was that Red's sire abandoned them the night Applejack informed him of her pregnancy, and that's all Red needs to know. (NOTE: Originally I had Red as Big McIntosh and Cheerilee's son, but decided to go a different route. He is named after his uncle, however.)

Passion Fruit: Passion is Red's best friend and confidant...and maybe a little more. Up until they reached their teens, the two were more like brother and sister than anything else, and had quite a bit in common. They were both quiet and well spoken, their mothers were both Elements of Harmony, and both were ostracized by the rest of the Element's children at some point. Something changed, however, when they both hit their adolescence, as Red began to realize that his best friend was a very attractive filly. He kept his feelings under lock and key, however, knowing that confessing his attraction (and later, love) for Passion could possibly ruin their friendship. As ever, he is fiercely protective of Passion, and goes out of his way to make sure she is never in any kind of physical danger. Eventually they'll both have to face facts and do something about their feelings for one another, but Red just doesn't know when the right time would be....

Feral Beat: Feral Beat is a stocky Earth Pony who comes from the streets of Manehattan, and a rough edged mare to boot. Feral Beat is just as protective of Passion as Red is, and the two often argue over what's best for Passion. Where Red would quietly steer her away from situations that could end up in Passion getting hurt, Feral Beat will often urge Passion to push her own physical limitations (within reason, of course). As such, the two don't often get along well, though Red has a begrudging respect for Feral Beat's physical strength. Given her short stature, it surprises many that she can best Red in a wrestling match, though none more so than the stallion in question.

Zeal: Zeal and Passion have a bond that some might say is fate. Zeal understands other ponyfolk unlike any other, though she understands Passion's innermost struggles on a level that none save for the pair themselves know. Zeal is also quite understanding of Red's feelings, and makes a point to tell him frequently that he's only hurting them both by bottling them up. Despite her frequently telling Red off for not telling Passion the truth, the two are quite close, and Zeal has nothing but respect for Red's life before joining the caravan. She often offers to find a replacement for him in pulling the cart he and Passion share lodgings in, and while he knows her intentions are good, Red always refuses them.

Design and Art (c) to me
The Silver Sisterhood: Passion Fruit by Koofins
The Silver Sisterhood: Passion Fruit
Name: Passion Fruit

Nickname(s): Pash, Passion, Fruit Bat

Parents: Pinkie Pie, Obsidian Saddles (Sid)

Age: 19-23 (from beginning to end of story)

Personality:  Introverted, compassionate, witty, a bit on the quiet side. Spunky and outgoing with close friends.

Talent: Due to being a 'grounded pegasus,' Passion Fruit never truly discovered what her airborne talent could have been. However, she does have a knack for giving romantic advice, and it's said that her fruit smoothies are the best way to break the ice and resolve romantic tension.

Short Bio: Passion Fruit grew up, like the rest of the children of the Elements of Harmony, in Ponyville. However, unlike most them, she was born quite different. A filly born between a Bat Pegasus and an Earth Pony, for unknown reasons Passion Fruit was born without her right wing fully formed. Only a small nub formed, though her left wing is fully developed and completely functional. Of course, her closest friends didn't care one lick about her birth defect, but that changed drastically when she and the Elements of Harmony's children were of foalschooling age. Passion was picked on frequently by her classmates, and eventually lost friendships with most of her childhood friends. The only one to stick by her side was Red Pippin, Applejack's son. The two grew up together, thick as thieves. While still young, a gypsy caravan found its way to Ponyville, and among it's many entertainers and workers were two fillies around Passion's age: Feral Beat, an Earth Pony with a tough girl attitude, and Zeal, the caravan Matriarch's daughter. Eventually, Passion befriended the two, and through her, so too did Red Pippin. The four eventually decided to form their own traveling band of wanderers, with Passion forming 'The Silver Sisterhood,' a group consisting of herself, Zeal and Feral that would never split apart, no matter what the costs.


Pinkie Pie: Passion Fruit's mother is very much a different mare when compared to her child. Where Pinkie Pie is loud and boisterous, Passion Fruit is quiet and reserved. Pinkie Pie spends her time planning parties and spreading laughter, while Passion Fruit lets others come to her for romantic advice or stories. Despite their many differences, Pinkie Pie and Passion Fruit are very close, and enjoy one-on-one activities more than anything. Pinkie Pie is more than happy to bid her daughter a warm goodbye when Passion decides to leave home to travel Equestria with her friends, though she worries for her terribly.

Obsidian Saddles: Sid, as he's called by Pinkie Pie and the Cakes, is a stoic, reserved stallion hailing from Luna's Night Kingdom. He and Pinkie Pie met while Pinkie was being introduced to Princess Luna's Court, and according to Sid, he didn't really have much say-so in the matter of wooing Pinkie. It just happened. Sid is secretly a hopeless romantic, and that is what forms such a close bond between himself and his daughter. If you can't find him when he's visiting Ponyville, he's most likely reading with Passion Fruit in their attic loft, spelling their own tales of romance and adventure. The two are just as close as Pinkie and Passion are, though Sid was very much against Passion Fruit leaving home and the protection of Princess Twilight's rule. This forms a slight rift between the two, though eventually, they both know that it will be resolved.

Red Pippin: Pip, as only Passion is allowed to call him, is Passion Fruit's best friend and confidant. Like his mother, Applejack, he is a very hard worker, and believes that through hard work and a stubborn will, anything can be solved. Passion and Pip have a complicated relationship that fluctuates between an almost sibling-like bond to that of could-be lovers who are avoiding the obvious romantic tension between themselves. Despite many awkward moments over the years, Passion knows that there's no stallion she could trust more (who isn't her father of course), and Pip knows he couldn't trust any mare more than his one-winged friend. He has never questioned her disability, and makes it known to strangers who make comments on it that they aren't to bother his friend with such petty questions. Pip is also the only unofficial male member of the Silver Sisterhood, and pulls the first cart of their caravan, which he and Passion share as living quarters.

Feral Beat: Feral Beat is a stocky Earth Pony who comes from the streets of Manehattan, and a rough edged mare to boot. Feral Beat is just as protective of Passion as Pip is, and the two often argue over what's best for Passion. Where Pip would quietly steer her away from situations that could end up in Passion getting hurt, Feral Beat will often urge Passion to push her own physical limitations (within reason, of course). Unbeknownst to many, Feral Beat is a criminal on the run from Equestrian law enforcement, a secret she only shared with Passion and Zeal. Passion, though disappointed that Feral hasn't attempted to repent for her crimes, understands Feral Beat's fears, and respects her despite her less than honorable past.

Zeal: Zeal and Passion have a bond that some might say is fate. Zeal understands other ponyfolk unlike any other, though she understands Passion's innermost struggles on a level that not even her own parents could touch. Passion and Zeal are more like sisters than truly blood-related siblings could be, and have an understanding for one another that could never be shaken. Zeal is the one that Passion usually goes to when she's confused about her own feelings for Pip, or other stallions, and Zeal goes to Passion for almost any problem she might face, though in Zeal's case those are few and far between. Zeal is an expert business woman, and ensures that one way or another, the funds they earn from their traveling caravan will eventually go towards helping Passion Fruit fly.

Design and Art (c) to me


Journal Entry: Sun Nov 16, 2014, 4:47 PM

WELL. Okay it's been a while since I posted a journal. (I think?)

YEAH. It's been a while!!

WEEELP. Bit of a life update for y'all:

I'm no longer speaking to the person I used to call my best friend. Many of you know who it was, and I will say that I will not be speaking publicly about it to anyone, and it might be hard for me to talk about it in private too. When it first happened I felt betrayed by someone I came to care about like family, in the worst of ways. That's all I'll really say about it. I will add, however, that it was a good thing, as there was nothing but toxicity. (Note: this has nothing to do with anyone listed in my current profile information. My best friend Weird is still my best friend in the whole world.)

Commissions have been slow going because of school and work. The end of the fall semester is coming up, and work is starting to slow down. However, holidays are also coming up, and I'm a pretty family oriented person so I might be a bit scarce. I apologize for the wait to those of you who's commissions I've been actively working on, and for those on the queue who don't have a 'SKETCHING' or other kind of tag next to your commission type/name, I haven't started on yours yet. (Though you aren't losing any money, so I hope y'all will be understanding???)

And this is kinda a big one. I guess. It's not something I'm too concerned about, but it is kind of sensitive in some regards.

Recently I've noticed that I have a lot of attraction towards men and women. And those who do not fall within those gender constructs. I made a post about it on tumblr, as I was a little confused about the revelation that this is something I experience on a daily basis. Eventually I came to the conclusion that I'm more than likely pansexual.

So there's that.

This really doesn't change much in the grand scheme of things for my watchers, but it's some kind of revelation for me personally. I've found people attractive of any gender (or no gender) before, and up until now, I just called it bisexual. Now though, I really don't think it can be called that anymore. Which is fine. I don't really like labels all that much when it comes to sexuality because I'm so open about what could happen between two consenting adults. So there's...that then?

I'm still trying to figure things out, but yeah. I feel entirely too much attraction towards people whom I find physically appealing to be 100% certain I'm JUST bisexual. Because that feels Granted I've never had sex with another woman before, though I wouldn't say no to it. I've had entirely too many exchanges with women face to face where I have to stand back and say, 'wow. You were flirting with her' to say with certainty that I'm straight. Add on top of that when I see a person who is trans (is that the correct term? I'm sorry if it isn't) or doesn't have a gender and find myself incredibly attracted to them, it's not something that can be ignored for much longer.

Wow. Did I just come out or something? Damn.


ps: can someone who's pansexual have a preference for men??? Or a bias maybe?? UUUH

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