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deviation in storage by Rinjapine




Warcraft Dudes by Koofins
Warcraft Dudes
Name: Zaj'ac (zahg-ACK, zahj-ACK)
Nickname: Zag, Jack
Sex: Male
Age: 31
Height: 7'9"
Weight: 230 lbs
Species: Darkspear Troll
Birthplace: Echo Isles
Family: Father unknown; Ez'tli (mother)
Relationship Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Class: Druid
Specialization: Feral
Physical Traits: Standing at a whopping 7'9", Zaj'ac is quite the imposing figure, and has muscle to back it up. His hide is described as 'greyish-green' by his fellow tribesmen and women, not quite sickly enough to be called 'sickly green.' Zaj'ac's hair grows at a sharp widow's peak, with the bangs and some of his hair along his part a vibrant purple. He usually wears his hair in a leather binding, with one section under his left ear braided. Wears bright green and orange feathers on various parts of his person, and favors brown leather armor. His right tusk was broken when he was young, and on finding Booty Bay, a Goblin prosthetic maker offered to build him a new tusk. They worked on filing down his tusk so the prosthetic would be easier to take off and put on, though rarely is he seen without the metal tusk.

Personality Traits: Overall, Zaj'ac likes to keep to himself. At a young age he became somewhat averse to the close living quarters of the slowly growing Troll population, and set out to adventuring when he was still in his adolescence. Though fiercely loyal to the Darkspear Tribe, he would rather see the world and experience it on his own before he returns to life with his people. At this point in his life, Zaj'ac feels he's won more than enough battles, and would rather avoid violent confrontation than go looking for it. Though when he's forced to, he doesn't hesitate to use all physical and magical force at his disposal. Though he is determined to leave his wild streak behind him, he will occasionally cut his self restraint loose and allow himself to enjoy the frivolities of youth. Despite his usually stone-faced exterior, Zaj'ac has a dry sense of humor and is incredibly intelligent, and has been known to leave others in tears at his rare sarcastic bouts.

Name: Dhakiir (dah-KEER)
Nickname: Chuckles
Sex: Male
Age: ??? (adult)
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 375 lbs
Species: Draenei
Birthplace: The Exodar
Family: Orphaned
Relationship Status: Engaged
Sexuality: Bisexual
Class: Paladin
Specialization: Protection
Physical Traits: The first thing you'd be hard pressed not to notice about Dhakiir is his skin. Dhakiir is dark in contrast to many of his kin, with his hands and legs fading almost to black at the tips. Despite his dark coloration, Dhakiir always seems to carry himself with a jovial, upbeat air, and rarely is he seen when he isn't smiling. What he lacks in height he makes up for in girth. Perhaps a bit too much; Dhakiir is a man that sports a barrel chested figure, with a gut to match. One notable feature is the mutilation of one of his chin-appendages, which was apparently lost in a fight with a large blue cat.

Personality Traits: Passionate, courageous, a mountain of a goof-ball and somewhat naive. Dhakiir can be fiercely passionate about his class, and his religious beliefs. He will often blindly leap into battle, no matter who's fighting who, in order to protect innocents, women or children. Though he is a staunch supporter of the Alliance cause, his tendency to be careless about who he's saving has led him to build a large amount of friendships on both Alliance and Horde lines. Normally very serious in battle, he changes completely when not in battle. Dhakiir tries to tell jokes he's heard from both sides, though usually butchers them; he still laughs at them, despite screwing up the delivery. Light-hearted and with a very thick skull, Dhakiir is absolutely terrible at reading others, unless they tell him outright how they're feeling. Still, he tries his best to make others happy and safe, and to him, that's all that matters.

My main dudes for World of Warcraft. I'm thinking I need to go back and change up Zaj'ac (previously called Durluzz, didn't like that name) because he looks way too pretty and too much like a Night Elf. Still love his and Dhakiir's designs, though. :D

WoW (c) to Blizzard

Worgen Gals by Koofins
Worgen Gals
Name: Juno Avelyn Spellwalker
Nickname: June, Ava, Lyn
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Height: 5'3"(human); 6'7"(worgen)
Weight: 140lbs(human); 185lbs(worgen)
Species: Worgen
Birthplace: Gilneas
Family: Opal Spellwalker(mother), Kristoff Darkcast(father); Maelduin Spellwalker(many-times great-grand father); seven older brothers
Relationship Status: Single
Sexuality: Pansexual (with a masculine preference)
Class: Hunter
Specialization: Beast Mastery
Physical Traits: Juno has always been short statured compared to the rest of her family, and round around the hips and waist. She's managed to maintain a slim-enough figure, due in part to her tendency to rough it in the wilds. In her Worgen form, Juno sports a gray pelt, with black fletching and light gray markings on her face, stomach and chest. In her human form, Juno has a pale complexion and black hair. 

Personality Traits: Mostly introverted, observant, and empathetic, Juno tries to be as pleasant as she possibly can be. Due to her entire family for as many generations as they can count being magic users, and her lack of magic altogether, she can be defensive when it comes to questions about family or magic. Kind and trusting almost to a fault, Juno has an insatiable curiosity about the world around her that can sometimes get her into trouble. She still harbors the youthful ideals that going on a grand adventure is a huge, wonderful tale to be told, though you'd never get her to admit it out loud.

Name: Marleidee Smith
Nickname: Marl, One-Eye, Red
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Height: 5'1"(human); 6'2"(worgen)
Weight: 122lbs(human); 163lbs(worgen)
Species: Worgen
Birthplace: Gilneas
Family: Unknown(orphaned); Maelduin Spellwalker(many-times great-grand father)
Relationship Status: Single
Sexuality: Demisexual
Class: Rogue
Specialization: Assasination
Physical Traits: Marleidee is tiny. Short height, short hair, short tempered. Petite and much like a pixie in that regard, it's no surprise that Marleidee is so light on her feet, which suits her class. As a Worgen, Marleidee's pelt is a light, rich brown, with lighter brown markings over her body. She usually has an eyepatch to cover her left eye, which she lost sight in when she was a child.

Personality Traits: Kind, Marl is a firecracker waiting to go off, though her ire is short lived at best. Bubbly and a little clueless in most social situations, Marl is incredibly people savvy, and hides her intelligence behind a mask. In truth, she is a ruthless, cunning hunter, and you'd be hard pressed to find someone more suited for being an assassin. She can adapt to and mesh with any personality, but if you get her angry, all the masks she has meticulously put in place come off, and few are left standing.

So in between working on a commission and my auctions today, I whipped these up! :D (I need to change Marl's last name though.)

These two here are my main Worgen gals, though I haven't been using Marl that often lately. Juno is my main, and essentially is Koof in the WoW universe. With Marl, I just wanted to make a brown doberman pinscher Worgen, because why not? :D She's gonna be fun to develop, though, and I haven't leveled a rogue yet.

...yeah I'm a little obsessed.

Art and characters are © to me
WoW © to Blizzard
The Dog and the Druid by Koofins
The Dog and the Druid
"Whoa…you’re, an actual, real Troll!”

"…how much ya been drinkin’ dere, dog? Or smokin’?"

"N-nothing, sir, I just…ain’t never seen a flesh-an’-blood Troll with my own eyes. In books an’ paintings, but never knew one, aye?"

"Dat much be very clear, dog. Now move. Ya bother me wit' ya dog stink."

"Pardon feckin' me, Mister Troll, just can't wash it out, ye ken. Be careful with the other half a' that stick, methinks it's somewheres deep up yer arse."


Art of my two favorite personal characters on World of Warcraft.

Junoh, my Worgen Hunter. Naive and sheltered to the extreme that she hadn't seen any non-Alliance races until Gilneas was destroyed, and her family drifted apart once they reached Darnassus. She's extremely polite, but offend her race or Worgen features and she becomes a tiny spit fire.

Durluzz is my Troll Druid, and I don’t have much of a backstory for him right now. I’m still learning a LOT of the lore for World of Warcraft, so with Durluzz it’s not as easy to write him. He does, however, take up residence in Booty Bay, because he likes the atmosphere there and being surrounded by the jungle. He also has little patience for the ignorant Worgen in front of him.

YES, I realize Trolls in game don’t have eyebrows. Stylistic choice, SO SUE ME. Also he's probably not tall enough, I'll fix that eventually, but this was my first time drawing either of these two. And my first time ever drawing a Warcraft Troll. (But I adore them. Oh my god.)

BTW I did this about a month ago when I got back into WoW again. 8'D Just now got around to posting it.

I have stuff from fucking August I need to post still, jfc.

Characters and art © to me (except for the background, that’s a screengrab)
All WoW things © to Blizzard

There's a lot of carry-overs from last year in this queue, but I'm finally making a dent in them. There are a few things I might have to do in the future regarding commissions, essentially the timing and what not. In addendum to that I don't think now is a good time to start doing charity work. Getting ready to start looking into an apartment to move into. I'm done with my parents. Soooo done.

SLOT THREE: Song Comic for LoneWolfSniper44 on FA. STATUS:
SLOT SIX: Single Character Illustration for phoboscas on FA. STATUS: SKETCHING. (Addendum: STORY COMMISSION. STATUS: ROUGH DRAFTING.)

Blue Dragon Slot: OPEN!!!
Green Dragon Slot: OPEN!!!

DATE NIGHT AUCTION: Two Character Illustration for LoneWolfSniper44 on FA. STATUS: FINISHED!!!

SLOT ONE: Single Character Illustration for phoboscas on FA
SLOT TWO: Two Character Illustration for krasnyy-reka 
SLOT FOUR: Reference Sheet for CO_Lockjaw on FA
SLOT FIVE: Reference Sheet for Embrosia on FA
SLOT SEVEN: Single Character Illustration for Naeda 

SLOT ONE: Single Character Illustration for phoboscas on FA
SLOT TWO: Two Character Illustration for krasnyy-reka 
SLOT THREE: Song Comic for LoneWolfSniper44 on FA
SLOT FOUR: Reference Sheet for CO_Lockjaw on FA
SLOT FIVE: Reference Sheet for Embrosia on FA
SLOT SIX: Single Character Illustration for phoboscas on FA
SLOT SEVEN: Single Character Illustration for Naeda 
SLOT EIGHT: Reference Sheet for Zerotheimpaler on FA (additional two slots)
SLOT NINE: Single Character Illustration for CO_Lockjaw on FA

SLOT ONE: Two Character Comic for LoneWolfSniper44 on FA. STATUS: NOT YET STARTED
SLOT TWO: Four Character Poster Project for Star-Wars-Furs on FA. STATUS: NOT YET STARTED.
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Idk just figured I'd open one up. Put points in here if you want. It's not like they amount to much AMIRITE?

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